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Aliens: Alchemy is sort of a mixed bag. The cover art for all three of the issues are great (the first issue's cover art was so good it made the cover of the Aliens Omnibus vol. 5! Oh, and is it just me, or is the Alien making the Star Trek Alien peace sign?!), the plot is great, and there is only one thing that sets this series back: the art. If you can get past the art, you'll be O.K. The plot for Alchemy is one of the best I've seen in an Aliens comic, its fresh and original. A depraved priest is hatching Aliens in a deserted ship deep in the desert, and using the Aliens to create fear; making the townspeople he preaches too think that the Aliens are monsters created from their own pollution. Basically, he's using the Aliens as mere propaganda to get more people to listen to him, and come to his sermons and preaching. But one woman smells trouble, and decides to fight back before more lives are lost...

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