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Aliens: Labyrinth is a four-issue limited comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics from September 1993-January 1994. The series was written by Jim Woodring and illustrated by Kilian Plunkett, who also provided painted cover art. It was lettered by Ellie De Ville, colored by Matt Hollingsworth and edited by Ryder Windham. The series was later published as a trade paperback in August 1995 edited by Lynn Adair with a new cover by Plunkett; and again in May 1997 as Aliens, Vol. 7: Labyrinth, again edited by Adair with new cover at by John Bolton. It was finally collected as part of Aliens Omnibus: Volume 3 in March 2008. The series was also adapted into a novel of the same name by S.D. Perry in 1996. Labyrinth was immediately preceded by a two-part lead-in story entitled Aliens: Backsplash (Aug.-Sept. 1993) and featured a continuing adventure of one of the characters from that story. Labyrinth was published concurrently with Aliens: Colonial Marines (Jan. 1993-July 1994) and Aliens: Salvation (November 1993). It was followed by Aliens: Music of the Spears (January-April 1994). A video game sequel was released on 1995.

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