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Ayre Force


Based on real people, this graphic novel reveals the hidden activities and past of billionaire founder, Calvin Ayre, as he leads the covert operations unit composed of Bodog Music artists Bif Naked, Jason Darr, and Nazanin, Bodog Fight mixed martial artists Tara LaRosa, Jorge Masvidal, and Trevor Prangley, and Bodog Poker players Evelyn Ng, David Williams, and Josh Arieh.
Calvin Ayre and his unit have been in a years-long war with pharmaceutical magnate Janus Winter, attacking the illegal operations of Wintercorp all over the globe. Now, Janus has upped the ante by unleashing his genetically-engineered, superhuman children on Calvin and his team, intending to end the war between Bodog and Wintercorp!
Find more online at www.bodoglife.net/ayreforce.

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