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Like his law-enforcer father and grandfather before him, FBI Special Agent Dalton Morrell has a remarkable gift: he possesses the memories of his ancestors. Now joins others with gifts of their own in a common cause — saving the world from a mysterious, chillingly malevolent force — in DISAVOWED, an ongoing HOMAGE COMICS series that's a creepy, shudder-inducing excursion into the supernatural. Written by Brandon Choi (GEN13) and Michael Heisler (DV8), with atmospheric art and covers (the first four of which fit together to form a single, powerful image) by Tommy Lee Edwards (The Blair Witch Project, WILD TIMES: DEATHBLOW), DISAVOWED begins with Dalton haunted by nightmares of the distant past...nightmares revolving around a vicious murderer whose crime spree seems to have lasted for nearly a century, continuing into the present. But 's not alone in combatting the Killer with a Thousand Faces for long, as he's soon joined by other strangely-powered entities — among them a magician with true mind-over-matter powers and a Russian-born empath trained by I.O. — who have had run-ins of their own with the secret power that lurks behind this supernatural killer. Joined by a surprising fourth member, these heroes stand together against an evil that is nearly impossible to define — and even harder to defeat — struggling to foil its plans for global annihilation as the end of the Millennium approaches.

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