Happy Birthday Martha Washington Comic

Happy Birthday Martha Washington


On March 11, 1995, something hopeful happened in the slums of Chicago. On that day, Martha Washington was born. Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons began the chronicles of Martha Washington in the 1990 miniseries, Give Me Liberty. The first page of that fateful first issue presents the birth of Martha, dated March 11, 1995. Now, almost five years after the legendary team created that story, Martha's real birthdate is fast approaching, and Frank and Dave invite you to join them for the celebration.
Happy Birthday, Martha Washington contains three complete short stories featuring Martha Washington. In "State of the Art," Martha is combat testing a new weapons system when she comes up against an enemy soldier outfitted with the same system; this story originally appeared in the hard-to-find San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2. From the DHP Fifth Anniversary Special comes a story in which Martha learns a lesson about either political agendas or political incompetence; the judges are still out. And in an all-new story, a young Martha goes on assignment to meet America's great war hero, a super soldier who's been fighting the good fight since America's glory days of World War II; and at the rate he's going, the lucky stiff will be around for World War III...

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