In Search of the Unicorn Comic

In Search of the Unicorn
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    In Search of the Unicorn 2018

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    Emilio Ruiz

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1471. Leading a band of faithful crossbowmen, Juan de Olid leaves Castile in secret, bound for adventure and the unknown lands of Sub-Saharan Africa. The expeditions objective is to bring back a unicorn horn as quickly as possible—the future of the kingdom depends on it. On the advice of the most pre-eminent experts of their day, Juan de Olid and his companions take along with them the one thing that can help them in their quest: a virgin. For the scent of unsullied maidens has the power to tame the most formidable of unicorns. Meanwhile, the apothecaries of King Henry IV of Castile, nicknamed the Impotent, impatiently await this legendary horn, as it is said it can cure the King and ensure the continuation of the royal line...

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