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More Green Hornet excitement from Dynamite as they present an incredible spin-off featuring the all-new Kato and the mysterious Black Hornet! Featuring elements direct from Kevin Smith's unproduced screenplay, writer Ande Parks -joined by the sensational Ale Garza! - fills in the blanks on the new Kato, the old Kato and the mystery of the Black Hornet! "Not my Father's Daughter" is filled with excitement, action, intrigue and more - 5 issues of Fury as the world of Kato old and new is rocked forever and sets a course that intertwines with the destiny and legend of the Green Hornet! Summary 21 years ago Hirohito Juuma, better known as the Black Hornet, is using a simulater to train in defeating the Green Hornet of America and restoring his families honor. The simulater is interupted by Hiro's siblings whop try to explain that while Hiro "plays games" his company is losing money. Hiro gets angry at them and sends them away. Meanwhile in the Kanto Mountain Range at the Kato dojo, Kato is teaching a class in focus and balance. In the class is Mulan, his daughter. The class is interupted by Mulan cell phone, and after scolding her Kato takes the phone away from his daughter. An arguement esculates untill Sayomi, Kato's wife and Mulan's mother, steps in. Mulan still storms off with out her cell phone but Kato realizes he maybe wrong about his parenting skills. Later that night at Club Warehouse 21, in Toyko, Mulan is approched by some guys who try to hit on her. She takes offence to some of their comments and proceeds to beat them up. She feels proud of herself till the bouncer kicks her out. Meanwhile back at the dojo Kato finds Sayomi murdered and her kill standing over her body. It is Hiro who states Kato had dishonored his family so he was here to kill Kato but found Sayomi first and killed her. The last scene is Kato jumping at Hiro with rage on his face.

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