Little Man: Short Strips 1980 - 1995 Comic

Little Man: Short Strips 1980 - 1995
  • Other Names

    Little Man: Short Strips 1980 - 1995 (2006)

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    Chester Brown

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    Slice of Life

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The Little Man: Short Strips, 1980-1995 is a collection of short-story works by the celebrated and bestselling Louis Riel cartoonist Chester Brown. From his early experimental comedic surrealism to his later autobiographical and essay strips, we see not a major talent in development but a fully realized storytelling virtuoso. Included are his early autobiographical stories Helder (a story about a young mans tentativeness when pursuing a woman), Showing Helder (a blow-by-blow account of the construction of the previous story), and Danny (a strangely compelling moment-by-moment account of Brown waking up and trying to avoid contact with a fellow rooming-house tenant). Other standouts are Browns controversial essay on schizophrenia (specifically his own mothers) and various medical views on this baffling disease, and the title story, The Little Man, a Freudian classroom romp fantasy by a adolescent Brown that ties into the schizophrenia essay in a surprising way. The acclaimed compendium, culled mostly from his groundbreaking comic book series Yummy Fur, provides a fascinating insight into Browns psyche; he rounds out the collection with exacting notes on each story.

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