Space Junkies

Space Junkies
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The gang of crazy space pirates known as Space Junkies, consisting of Commander Ggreed, Margo, Puig and Jisp, exited hyperspace and arrived to Planet Blue Cheesecake. Ggreed, had learned that the planet, also known as Terra, was the source of an extremely rare and valuable fuel. Ggreed knew the mission is dangerous so he picked up a few expendables to help out - Luke, the psychedelic, half-human disco dancer - Priest, the whiny, complaining, pesky pain in the pants - and Sindy, the short, slightly pudgy hermaphrodite. The Junkies land their ship, the Junk Jumper, at their destination and begin their journey to a location where Ggreed is supposed to rendezvous with a contact for precise directions to where the fuel (known as Cheesecake on the Black Market) is located. It's an important task for the caverns containing the Cheesecake are located in a highly radioactive area destroyed by a past catastrophe!

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