Teen Titans and Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2005

Teen Titans and Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2005
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DC's hottest new teams collide in an explosive one-shot! Following the events of "The Insiders"crossover, a villain from the Titans' past returns with a plan for revenge on former Titans! Plus, what's the deal with the crazy Titan who calls herself the Joker's Daughter? I Am Donna Troy- While on New Cronus, Donna looks in on what the Teen Titans and the Outsiders have done since her death. Teen Titan Hunt-Robin and Starfire have been kidnapped from The Tower, and Nightwing, Arsenal and Beast Boy try to find them. This leads to the discovery of a Wildebeest Society clone, and the fact that Cyborg was kidnapped also. After defeating the clone, with some help from Grace and Jade, Nightwing and Starfire discuss the two teams working together again. Who's Your Daddy?- While on the old Injustice Gang Satellite, which is now a bar for villains, Duela is confronted by other villains to who her true father is. Duela leaves them all with more questions then answers. Secrets- Wonder Girl and Arrowette discuss the Secret to who Wonder Girl's father is and if she should tell the Teen Titans. This leads into the fact that Superboy has turned evil.

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