Tellos: The Last Heist ??? Comic

Tellos: The Last Heist ???


So you say that you've never picked up a copy of TELLOS, but you're wondering what all the noise is about...? Well, wonder no more! In this self-contained, 40 page yarn, Tellos scribe and Co-Creator, Todd Dezago teams up with sensational penciller, Craig Rousseau (Batman Beyond, Impulse) and inker extraordinaire, Norman Lee (SpyBoy), to bring you the wildest, rolickingest caper that ever fell out of these pages! Follow the misadventures of RIKK, the fox-slash-klepto, as he gets himself into more trouble than he's ever seen before! It is truly the "most worst thing" that's ever happened to him! This issue provides the perfect one-shot of fun or jumping on point for anyone who enjoys a good adventure! You'll kick yourself later...

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