The Keepers of the Maser Comic

The Keepers of the Maser


It was XVII Eyz in the planet Colony. Ice caps melted completely and the civilization of the colonists was at the peak of scientific and cultural achievements. This period was called the era of "Splendour". No one thought of the impending cataclysm. Later, in the XVIII Eyz, gnomes - the oppressed people - rose up against their inferior position in society and attempted to subdue people - residents of the Tower. The bloody civil war lasted for eight Eyz, during which time had been lost all contact with the tower and the communes of the Sages, lived nearby islands. Sixteen Eyz after, elapsed time and the death of the first settlers wiped out the knowledge and special skills. For a few scattered groupsof survivors, the Tower has become nothing less than - a legend in the mists of time. Each of them was firmly convinced that they are the only survivors on this planet whose name nobody could remember.

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