The Names

The Names
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Legendary writer Peter Milligan teams with gifted artist Leandro Fernandez for a savage, sexy stab at Wall Street’s dark side with Vertigo’s newest crime drama, THE NAMES! Katya Walker’s life is practically perfect. She’s young, smart, gorgeous and married to a fantastically rich man whom she loves. But when her husband, Kevin, takes a dive from his high-rise office window, the pretty surface of her world is shattered—and what’s underneath turns out to be very nasty indeed. Katya knows that her husband didn’t kill himself, but that turns out to be one of the few things she does know about him—a realization confirmed by Kevin’s post-mortem message revealing his membership in a vast criminal-capitalist conspiracy dedicated to manipulating markets and cashing in on the resulting misery. Known as the Names, the organization maintains its grip on the levers of power through enforcers like the Surgeon and her math-genius, hormone-addled stepson, Philip. As Katya dives deeper into this dark financial underworld to try and solve her husband’s murder, will she be in for far more than she bargained for?

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