Transformers Spotlight: Hot Rod

Transformers Spotlight: Hot Rod
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It starts out with Hot Rod riding on a meteor which is heading towards a moon. He thinks about how people always tell him things are impossible and he always believes there’s a way to do anything. He eventually jumps off of the meteor and crashes onto the moon by himself and although he survives, he is badly damaged by the fall. Hot Rod then flashes back to a time on Ki-Aleta when he was first put in charge of a unit. They reach a place called the Omega bunker and devise a plan to distract the omega guardians, sneak into the bunker, and secure the magnificence – a map of everything in the universe. He then flashes back to his present situation where he is trying to break into Styx – the most brutal Decepticon penal colony. He uses a virus to create false alarms around the base, sending guards everywhere at certain times, allowing Hot Rod to get by undetected. As he tries to get to the Z-Lateral cell block, more memories of Ki-Aleta come up...

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