Turok, Son of Stone (2010) Comic

Turok, Son of Stone (2010)
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Turok, wandering warrior from a far land, rescues Andar, son of a Chiricahua chief, from the ruthless King Maxtla and his Aztec horde. Pursued into a vast cavern, prey and predators are swept away by an unimaginable force to a savage, timeless land of nightmares and miracles, where dinosaurs thunder and rampage. Beset by bloodthirsty enemies and beasts, Turok and Andar encounter an even deadlier threat-the fearsome Panther People and their mesmerizing goddess, Aasta... Turok, Son of Stone returns, reimagined by legendary writer Jim Shooter and illustrated by hot new talent Eduardo Francisco ( Victory, Executive Assistant: IRIS). Includes a reprint from Turok Son Of Stone (#1) published by Dell Comics in December 1954 (Four Color #596).

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