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WildCats: Mosaic


A one-shot featuring turning points in the lives of Spartan and Lord Emp. Turning points in the adventures of Lord Emp and Spartan — two of the most compelling cast members of WILDCATS — are revealed for the first time in WILDCATS: MOSAIC, an all-new one-shot comprised of two exciting stories written by Scott Lobdell (WILDCATS, GEN13, BALL AND CHAIN), with pencils by Peter Doherty (BATMAN & SUPERMAN: WORLD'S FINEST) and a Lobdell favorite, legendary artist George Tuska (Iron Man), with inks by Richard Bennett (DEATHBLOW/WOLVERINE) on Doherty's pencils and Scott Williams on Tuska's! What lead Jacob Marlowe to forsake his human appearance and, after more than 2,000 years, embrace his destiny as a Kherubim High Lord? Follow the life-changing adventures of Lord Emp in a lead story by Lobdell, with art by Doherty and Bennett that reveals the last bastion of Kherubim Technology on the planet Earth , several miles below the ocean's surface! Then discover the single most important moment in the "life" of the alien mandroid known as Spartan in an incredible 10-page tale (by Lobdell, Tuska and Williams)...

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