X-Force Epic Collection: X-Cutioner's Song Comic

X-Force Epic Collection: X-Cutioner's Song
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    X-Force Epic Collection X-Cutioners Song 2019

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    Fabian Nicieza

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    Marvel - Superhero

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Collects Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2, Uncanny X-Men (1981) #294-296, X-Factor (1986) #84-86, X-Men (1991) #14-16, X-Force (1991) #16-19, Stryfes Strike File #1, New Warriors (1990) #31.Stryfe strikes! First, Cable dives headfirst into his own explosive limited series as secrets from his past are revealed! Then, when Professor X is attacked — and Cable is the prime suspect — X-Factor and the X-Men hunt down X-Force! Mister Sinister, the Horsemen of Apocalypse and the Mutant Liberation Front are all embroiled in the epic conflict as Cable's archenemy Stryfe orchestrates his vengeance on the world! Can the combined X-teams rescue Cyclops and Jean Grey? Will Apocalypse save Professor X's life? And what is the shocking connection between Stryfe and Cable? In the battle's aftermath, X-Force must decide its own fate. It's time for new costumes, new purpose and a new direction!

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