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Aquaman must reunite with The Others to investigate whether or not their recently deceased member Vostok has returned from the dead. If he has, he is definitely not the same Vostok they remember… The East China Sea- Aquaman battles several mutated sea creatures who come ashore on the Sanctum Three, a small atoll that acts as The Operative's home base. The Operative helps Aquaman defeat the mutants but not before The Operative's grandson, Aaron, is gravely injured and the attackers steal Vostrok-X magic Atlantean Helmet. Luckily Sky Alchesay is present and takes Aaron to the ghost lands so that her Usan can heal him. Once they are sure Aaron will be alright, The Operative, Sky and Aquaman call on Ya'Wara and Prisoner of War to help them retrieve the mask. The team quickly learns that a woman named Madame Xan, has taken the mask to her Hong Kong penthouse. Hong Kong-What the team doesn't know is that Madame Xan, is really Morgaine Le Fay, and when she tries on the mask it rejects her, and she now plans on just destroying the earth. She then senses the Others approaching her and teleports them to different places on earth. She then tempts them individually with what their heart truly desires, but after Aquaman rejects her, she plans to sink Hong Kong below the waves. The Others stand against her, while she tries to sink Hong Kong benieth a tsunami, but then Ya'Wara turns on the team, claiming she took Morgaine up on her offer. Aquaman is able to get to Morgaine while POW and Sky hold the tsunami at bay. After Morgaine's defeat, Ya'Wara q Ghost Lands- Aaron has healed completely and Sky learns that if she wants to stay with him she will have to give up her powers, but that is a decision for another day.

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