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Archie Digest Magazine Comic

Archie Digest Magazine


"The Clock," Reggie lent Archie an old alarm for a science experiment, but Archie objects to what Reggie wants in return.
"Stop, Book and Listen!" one-page Li'l Jinx story.
"Cave Man Casanova," Archie dreams he's a caveman, but doesn't understand why the guys with funny shapes (Betty and Veronica) want him to catch them.
"Sign In Please!", Li'l Jinx's dad lost his voice and has to write messages.
"Who Me?", Mr. Lodge asks Veronica what she sees in Archie and she can't think of anything to say.
"Practice Makes Perfect," Mr. Lodge wants Veronica to learn to play an instrument.
"Trouble Spot," Resenting the teachers' belief that accidents naturally happen when he's around, Archie tries to prove that trouble can happen when he's not around.
"Swamp Buggy," To bust up Betty's date with Archie, Veronica handcuffs herself to Archie's wrist.
"Small Success," In order to tease Archie, Betty and Veronica claim Dilton is a chick-magnet.

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