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Archie's Christmas Stocking Comic

Archie's Christmas Stocking
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    Archie's Christmas Stocking 1993

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"A Jingle for Justice," Jingles comes back to Riverdale to bring Christmas joy; Mr. Lodge's financial advisor is out to take all his money; But Jingles will fix that.
"Fresh Idea!", Archie wants a fresh cut Christmas tree; They venture out into the country to a Christmas tree farm.
"Dis-missile," Betty and Veronica are handling the letters to Santa Claus.
"Too Many Clauses." "Picture Frame," Betty and Veronica have a fight and break up and Archie thinks he's going to save money on Christmas gifts by sending them each a picture of himself.
"Christmas Cheer Up!", Archie's dad is having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit; Archie takes him Christmas shopping at the mall.
"Close Shave," Archie accidentally uses super glue to attach his Santa beard.

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