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Betty Cooper: Confidential Comic

Betty Cooper: Confidential
  • Other Names

    Betty Cooper: Confidential 2009

  • Author(s)

    Dan Parent

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This year, Archie Comics is back with another fun-filled giveaway issue.   Betty's most confidential secrets are the focus in this tale that highlights Betty's fabled Diary.  Popular writer-penciler Dan Parent unravels the thrilling details with fan-favorite Rich Koslowski on board providing the inks, so this issue is sure to appeal not just to children but adult collectors as well.
In "Betty Cooper, Confidential," Betty is en route to the book binder to get her diary professionally bound when a stiff wind literally sends the pages of her life flying!   Will her friends be able to resist taking a peek at the pages they recover?   Just what has Betty written about everyone over the years?   These answers and more await you in this suspenseful and poignant tale.

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