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Caballistics Inc. The Complete Digital Edition Comic

Caballistics Inc. The Complete Digital Edition
  • Other Names

    Caballistics Inc. The Complete Digital Edition 2016

  • Author(s)

    Gordon Rennie

  • Status


  • Genres

    Graphic Novels

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During the Second World War a department was formed within the Ministry of Defence to combat Nazi occult warfare. In the 21st century, however, it has long outlived its usefulness and its funding is scrapped. Enter reclusive millionaire rock star Ethan Kostabi, who has brought up its employees and, together with a handful of freelance ghost hunters, constructed a brand new outfit Caballistics, Inc. But the forces of the supernatural are not the only enemies that this disparate group have to tackle, for within the heart of Caballistics, Inc. are dangerous secrets that threaten to tear the organisation apart...

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