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Coffin Hill Comic

Coffin Hill


We’ve all had our youthful excesses. Our nights of rebellion or carelessness buried deep within the past. But in the town of Coffin Hill, things that are buried have a tendency to come back. In her youth, Eve Coffin was a defiant, teenage lowlife from a high-society family—a family that lives under a curse that dates back to the Salem Witch trials. After a wild night of sex, drugs and witchcraft in the woods, Eve awoke to find that she was naked, covered in blood and completely unable to remember how she got there. One of her fellow revelers was missing, one was in a mental ward—and one knew that Eve was responsible. Now, Eve works as a cop in Boston. But when she’s shot in the head and undergoes neural surgery, Eve must leave her job behind and return to Coffin Hill. There she’ll discover that the darkness she unleashed ten years ago in the woods was never contained. It continues to seep through the town, cursing the very soul of the once sleepy Massachusetts hollow, spilling secrets and enacting its revenge. Set against the haunted backdrop of New England, Coffin Hill is a work of horror that explores what people will do for power and retribution and lays bare the danger and futility of running away from the past.

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