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Dark Horse Presents (2011) Comic

Dark Horse Presents (2011)
Dark Horse Presents (2011) Average 3.20/5 - out of 70 total votes.


Dark Horse Presents (DHP) is an eighty-page, monthly anthology comic published by Dark Horse Comics. It is the first comic book ever printed and published by Dark Horse Comics, however this is the third incarnation and second print volume of DHP. Dark Horse Presents Volume 1 (1986-2000; 157 issues plus annuals and specials) MySpace Dark Horse Presents or MDHP (free online anthology that ran from July 2007 - August 2010; 63 issues collected in 6 trade volumes) Dark Horse Presents Volume 2 (2011-present) This volume of DHP usually features all-new mini-stories, many of which have many chapters that are published in consecutive issues of DHP, and occasional interviews with artists and sneak previews of upcoming series.

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