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Days of Sand Comic

Days of Sand
  • Other Names

    Days of Sand (2021)

  • Author(s)

    Aimée De Jongh

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"Washington, 1937. In the middle of the Great Depression, 22-year-old photographer John Clark lands a big assignment when he is brought on by the Farm Security Administration. He is tasked with documenting the calamitous conditions of the Dust Bowl, a drought-stricken area comprising the Oklahoma panhandle and surrounding states, in order to bring the farmers' plight to the public eye. When he starts working through his "shooting script," however, he finds his subjects to be unreceptive. What good are a couple of photos against relentless and deadly dust storms? Gradually, John finds ways to reach them, taking a young boy under his wing, and getting to know a young woman, Betty. But the more he shoots, the more he sees the awful extent of their struggles, coming to question his own role and responsibilities in all of this. What can one man do in the face of such a crisis? A moving and unforgettable tale, inspired by real-life stories of courage and perseverance against all odds."

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