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Disney Mulan's Adventure Journal: The Palace of Secrets Comic

Disney Mulan's Adventure Journal: The Palace of Secrets
  • Other Names

    Disney Mulan's Adventure Journal: The Palace of Secrets 2020

  • Author(s)

    Rhona Cleary

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  • Genres

    Graphic Novels

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Follow the fearless hero on a quest to save China for the second time in story that is interwoven with pages from Mulan’s own journal.
An assassination attempt is made on the Emperor of China’s life. Under the backdrop of the beautiful Spring Festival, Mulan must go undercover as the guest of honor at the Imperial Palace to protect the emperor. When danger presents itself in the shadows and in plain sight, everyone is a suspect. Between his family, guards, counselors, and a deadly organization called The Golden Tiger–Mulan must figure out who among them is plotting treason. And in between all the commotion, Mulan must also find a balance between being a celebrated hero and staying true to herself.
In this graphic novel, pages from Mulan’s own journal are woven into the adventure! As you follow the tale, you will read her thoughts as she travels from her village to the Imperial Palace, from sunrise, to sunset. Beautiful watercolor illustrations fill her journal, giving you a glimpse into the human, the warrior, the woman, Mulan, like you’ve never seen her before!
Note: The digital edition (3/3/2020) for this volume was released before the print edition.

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