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Earth 2 Comic

Earth 2


Earth 2 was the home of eight heroes known as the Eight Wonders of the World. They were led by the Ternion of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. These heroes became embroiled in a war with Apokolips when Boom Tubes brought Steppenwolf and his Parademons to attack and conquer. The Ternion was killed in altruistic attempts to bring down the Parademons' towers and protect the citizens of the planet. Two of the last remaining Wonders, Robin and Supergirl were taken from the world, when they entered a Boom Tube in pursuit of a figure they saw and found themselves on another world. Five years after the Apokolips War ended, new Wonders arose. A young man named Jay Garrick was imbued with super-speed by the god Mercury himself. Jay would later encounter the genetically altered treasure hunter Hawkgirl, who had had wings implanted onto her body. Elsewhere, the young billionaire media mogul Alan Scott of the Galaxy Broadcasting System would lose his fiancé in a tragic train crash, and at the same time, gain great power thanks to an elemental force called the Green Flame. Along with other heroes created by the World Army, these new Wonders would face new threats, including the remaining forces of Steppenwolf's armies.

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