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God Save The Queen Comic

God Save The Queen


Set in both North London and the Faerie kingdom, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN tells the story of a rebellious teenager who falls in with a group of slacker faeries. She discovers that for faeries, the ultimate rush is Red Horse, a drug made from heroin and human blood. It's a dangerous high, and when she gets hooked she's drawn into a civil war that becomes a struggle to the death between Queen Titania and her predecessor, Queen Mab. General Notes: While this story appears to take place within The Sandman continuity/the shared Vertigo universe, there are elements which contradict previously established facts. Among other things, this story states that Queen Titania overthrew Queen Mab to gain her position, and centers on Mab returning to take back her thrown. In the past, however, it has been said that "Mab" was just an alias of Titania's, and that her predecessor was Queen Dymphna whom she did not overthrow to win the thrown. Dream appears in a non-speaking cameo.

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