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Infinity Man and the Forever People Comic

Infinity Man and the Forever People
Infinity Man and the Forever People Average 3.38/5 - out of 89 total votes.


Infinity-Man’s story begins with Astorr, a powerful warrior from another planet, rescuing and nursing back to health the badly burned Drax (brother of Darkseid). Before dying himself of old age, Astorr passes on his role as "Infinity-Man" to Drax, who then spends several years studying in preparation. Having assumed the title of Infinity-Man, Drax goes on to serve Highfather on New Genesis, where he is acquainted with Forever People and becomes a protector. Whenever Infinity-Man is needed, the Forever People grant him special powers by touching the mother boxes and reciting the word "Taaru". This ritual would cause The Forever People to enter a state of limbo, until Infinity-Man returns the power to them. In one story, Darkseid sees Infinity-Man as a threat and is able to place him in another dimension. Infinity-Man temporarily makes a new home on a planet called Adon, until The Forever People free him from this prison. A later plotline focuses on Devilance the Pursuer and his personal vendetta against the Forever People and Infinity-Man. Devilance tracks down Infinity-Man and the two battle, resulting in the destruction of the island on which they are fighting. The two appear to die, but once again, thanks to the efforts of the Forever People, Infinity-Man returns one more time.

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