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Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Comic

Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange
  • Other Names

    Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange 2003

  • Author(s)

    Stan Lee

  • Status


  • Genres

    Marvel - Supernatural

  • Views


  • Rating

Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Average 4.00/5 - out of 65 total votes.


Master of the Mystic Arts, a sorcerer supreme, a white knight who wields black magic against blacker villains. Doctor Strange is mankind's only hope against the dark other-worldly forces that conspire to steal the life of the conscious world - forces such as Baron Mordo, the Dread Dormammu, Nightmare, Aggamon, The House of Shadows, Loki, the Mindless Ones, and more. Collects Strange Tales #110-111, 114-141

List of issues

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