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Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions Comic

Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions
Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions Average 4.83/5 - out of 74 total votes.


Some of the top talents take twisted looks at your favorite heroes and villains! Following the success of last year's MILLENNIAL VISIONS: X-MEN one-shot follows this brand-new look at the entire Marvel Universe! Featuring artwork from many of the industry's heavy-hitters, including Ian Churchill (UNCANNY X-MEN), ChrisCross (CAPTAIN MARVEL), Georges Jeanty (DEADPOOL), Tony Harris (Obergeist), Karl Kerschl (ICEMAN), Kilian Plunkett (Unknown Soldier), Jim Starlin and more! Last year's book provided the launching point for the new hit series EXILES -- what could this year's book bring us?

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