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Marvel Western: Strange Westerns Starring the Black Rider Comic

Marvel Western: Strange Westerns Starring the Black Rider


Reuniting the comic legends Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers (BATMAN: DARK DETECTIVE)—the famed writer/artist team tell an all-new tale of Marvel’s dark Western avenger, THE BLACK RIDER. When a mystery brings mild-mannered Doc Masters to New York City, rooftops and dangerous allies lead his dark alter ego to answers that will shock him to his very soul.
PLUS: A dark and devilish 8-page tale featuring a cursed weapon and the man known as GUNHAWK in “Midnight Gun” by Joe R. Lansdale and Rafa Garres.
ALSO: Re-presenting two classic Kirby RAWHIDE KID tales, “The Bat Strikes” and “The Bullet Proof Man.”
Note: In this issue The Black Rider is aided by a mysterious Asian man, in the end he is revealed to be the future Ancient One.

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