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Noble Causes: First Impressions Comic

Noble Causes: First Impressions


You've asked us and asked us, "When is Image going to do super-hero books again?" Well, be careful what you wish for. This September, Image Comics proudly presents NOBLE CAUSES. We invite you to see a new side to the world's most famous super-heroes, a side that they don't want you to see. The Nobles are just like your family, that is if you family were rich, beautiful, and super-powered. NOBLE CAUSES is true labor of love written by Jay Faerber, the current writer of Titans from DC Comics, and a regular contributor to the quarterly anthology series, Gen-Active. No stranger to intriguing character driven stories and interpersonal relationships, Jay's past work includes stints on Green Lantern, Superboy, Generation X, New Warriors, and the X-Men. He and an incredible band of artistic jump starts have created a world where drama and power play out together in surprising new ways. It's the Fantastic Four meets the Kennedys. It's a book so entertaining that you'll punch yourself silly for missing...

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