Preacher Special : Cassidy - Blood And Whiskey Comic

Preacher Special : Cassidy - Blood And Whiskey


The story of Cassidy's first visit to New Orleans, and the only other vampire he knew. After a scuffle with the local police, Cassidy makes his way to New Orleans where he meets Eccarius, who just happens to also be a vampire. This is the only vampire Cassidy has ever met, aside from the one that bit him 75 years prior. Eccarius speaks, looks, and acts as though he's straight out of a Anne Rice novel. Cassidy quickly realizes that Eccarius is a "wanker" after speaking to him. Eccarius offers him blood in a wine goblet and a place to sleep in a coffin, only solidifying Cassidy's belief that the only other vampire is a complete "wanker". The next night, Eccarius brings Cassidy to his underground sanctuary where the group "Les Enfants Du Sang" live. All of them are gothic rejects that all worship Eccarius and beg to drink his blood to become vampires. One of them is Roger who reads a long poem called, "Eccarius Becoming (Loam Dreams)". Cassidy tells them off and shoves Roger's poem down his throat while he and Eccarius leave the underground. After a heart-to-heart, the boys go to a church, Cassidy proves the myths about Vampires wrong. They go bar hopping, get drunk and then go back to the underground to call Les Enfants Du Sang "wankers" while mooning them. Cassidy wakes up the next night to find Eccarius missing. Cassidy tracks him down to a church and finds Eccarius feasting on a woman. Eccarius tells Cassidy he's murdered and fed on hundreds of people and kills everyone he feeds on. Cassidy shoves a cross through his head. Eccarius wakes up later, nailed down to a roof as the sun comes up. Cassidy tells him he's going to die for being a "self-obsessed, pasty-faced death-fixated d!ckhead got up in a poncey suit." Eccarius' accent is gone as he yells at Cassidy before he dies.

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