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Romance Without Tears Comic

Romance Without Tears
  • Other Names

    Romance Without Tears 2003

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    Anthology - Romance

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An irreverent groundbreaking collection of 1950's romance comics. Here is a peerless selection of romance comics from their golden age: a revisionist anthology to challenge the widely ridiculed, tiresome icon of the "tear-stained face" that dominated the genre's later years. The heroines are lively, independent high school girls - liberated before women's liberation - who do the most outrageous things, make all kinds of mistakes, and never suffer shame, heartache or guilt, no matter what! Whether they're plotting to spend an illicit weekend with the boyfriend at a resort hotel or just trying to figure out how much to neck and pet, they always have a sense of self worth and are in charge of their fate. These bright, naturalistic tales by the unsung Dana Dutch fly in the face of the mindless, hackneyed stories that were such a staple of the genre...

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