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Sparkler Comics
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    Sparkler Comics 1941

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    Ernie Bushmiller

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    Adventure - Children

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Sparkler Comics began publication in 1941 by United Features, a Golden Age publisher better known for their printing of newspaper strip characters which is why Sparkler Comics became something different when in the first issue (and featured on the cover) they premiered one of their only superhero characters, Spark Man. Eventually the character would fade out of the series and the focus would return to characters more commonly seen in other United Features publications (such as Abbie N' Slats, The Katzenjammer Kids, Nancy and Sluggo, and Ella Cinders). And by 1954 when the publication ended, it was resumed by a new publisher, who continued the numbering, and renamed Nancy and Sluggo (who had been featured on every cover of Sparkler Comics since #81, the earliest cover they had been featured on was #17).

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