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StarCraft: Frontline Comic

StarCraft: Frontline


The brutal, dark and fascinating world of StarCraft comes alive in this collection of never-before-seen thrilling adventures. "Why We Fight" In this profoundly moving introduction to the StarCraft universe, the three races in StarCraft are examined--and what drives their war for survival will shock and awe. "Thundergod" In a gripping story by Richard Knaak, a Thor driver's ego and greed lead him and two partners to try to pull off a nearly impossible heist--in the middle of one of the hottest war zones. But this treasure of a lifetime comes at a very high cost! "Weapon of War" A psionic six-year-old boy is at the center of a brutal conflict between a Terran mining colony and the zerg--and the marines and miners must decide between the unthinkable: Do they save the boy and lose their lives? Or use him against their vicious attackers. "Heavy Armor--Part 1" A psychologically twisted thrill ride, filled with breathtaking dogfights and rousing mecha action. A young Viking pilot’s journey pits him against his mentor--and the lives of an entire colony hang in the balance! But will youthful confidence and strength triumph over the savvy brilliance of experience?

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