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Superman vs. Aliens Comic

Superman vs. Aliens


Lex Corpshas summoned Clark Kent and Lois Lane to report on their recent discovery. An asteroid is heading toward Earth. No ordinary asteroid either. This asteroid seems to be sending out a distress signal that no one but Clark can hear, and he recognizes it as Kryptonian. Doing his famous duck out and then later returning as Superman, he reveals to Lois and Cheryl Kimbell (The newest CEO of Lexcorps) that there was a signal, and what it was for. Cheryl then loans Superman a ship to help him on the long flight to find out who is on the asteroid, and why they are distressed. When he arrives at the asteroid he finds it mostly deserted, and ravaged. However, he discovers three people who are in need of medical attention. He puts them in his ship, and sets the coordinates to Lex-Corps space station. Leaving him without a way home. upon further investigation, he comes across a strange looking alien who immediately attacks him. Superman punches it, and the blood from the wound falls into his eyes, blinding him. Even though he is blinded and hurt, he defeats the alien. Much to the surprise of a young blonde girl who saw his fight. She helps the blinded Superman to his feet, and as they walk to safety, she tells him of the aliens attack on her city, and a little bit of her history. They are on Argo she tells him, and her name is Kara.

List of issues

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