Terminal City - Aerial Graffiti Comic

Terminal City - Aerial Graffiti


Cosmo Quinn and the city he calls home return in this 5-issue miniseries from Terminal City collaborators Dean Motter and Michael Lark, with covers by Mark Chiarello. Picking up six months after Terminal City left off, "human fly" Quinn has resumed his uneventful career as a window washer. But things change, and quickly, when a disgruntled ex-skywriter decides to vent his frustrations in an unusual way, using the skies above Terminal City as a canvas for his "aerial graffiti"--unprintable obscenities that threaten to tarnish the futurist city's finest hour: the opening of the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel connecting Terminal City to Paris. The police ask Cosmo's help in bringing the airborne vandal down to Earth, but there are, of course, complications, as the Mayor has hired an agent of his own--the mysterious lady in red named Monique Rome--to thwart the skywriter.

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