The Books Of Faerie: Auberon's Tale Comic

The Books Of Faerie: Auberon's Tale


Discover how a young boy became the haughty King Auberon of Faerie in THE BOOKS OF FAERIE: AUBERON'S TALE, a VERTIGO trade paperback (suggested for mature readers) collecting the 3-issue miniseries of the same name and other tales of Auberon and his realm.In the AUBERON'S TALE miniseries — written by Bronwyn Carlton (THE BOOKS OF FAERIE), with art by Peter Gross (THE BOOKS OF MAGIC, THE BOOKS OF FAERIE) and Vince Locke (WITCHCRAFT: LA TERREUR) — a group of nobles' bold plan to overthrow a mad King is undermined when an odd twist of succession places the realm's future in the hands of a small boy who has suddenly been proclaimed monarch. Also reprinted in this handsome collection are backup features from THE BOOKS OF MAGIC #57 and #58 (written by Carlton, with art by Ryan Kelly and Hermann Mejia) which detail stories of young King Auberon. Completing the volume is 1997's THE BOOKS OF MAGIC ANNUAL #1 (written by John Ney Rieber with art by Mark Buckingham and Dick Giordano), which tells the story of Tim Hunter's encounter with a lonely girl on a deserted island in the Realm of Faerie, a girl who helped secure Tim's future as the greatest magician in the world.

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