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The Tenth: Resurrected Comic

The Tenth: Resurrected


The Tenth is resurrected by Dark Horse comics as a new monthly series in 2001! All-new monster mayhem and madness kicks off this much-awaited story line! Esperanza is resurrected from the dead after her suicide by the alien blood running in her veins, but when she sees that she's risen from the dead, she finds she's not as human as she once thought! And certain factions within the government don't take too well to dead alien beings roaming the streets, especially when the alien supreme being is rebuilding his evil empire with government funding! Can Esperanza revive the man she once loved? Can she survive the evil being sent to destroy her? Will the Earth survive? Created and written by Tony Daniel (Adrenalynn, F5, Silke), and pencilled by new European artist, Romano, The Tenth: Resurrected promises to be one of the hottest comics to hit store shelves this year.

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