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The Ultimates (2002) Comic

The Ultimates (2002)
The Ultimates (2002) Average 3.39/5 - out of 10 total votes.


North Atlantic, 1945: America launches it's attack on Germany, and try to stop their secret weapon from being released on the United States. Still, the Americans have their own secret weapon, one that stands for all the hearts of the soldiers giving their lives. Captain America. Iceland, 06:00 hours: The raid against the world's major evil begins as American soldiers dive from the air, jumping into combat. Hell has come to Earth as guns are fired, bombs explode, and many good men have lost their lives. All would seem lost if it wasn't for the fact that a large transporter driven by Cap diving from the sky crashing into the enemy's base, killing many Nazis and opening a hole in the impenetrable wall. After all Cap say's parachutes are for girls. In the war zone Cap stands tall against the Nazi threat, and he single handedly lead his forces into the enemy base. As the Nazi's secret weapon launches for Washington D.C., all seems lost. Only one man however can stop the weapon. In a split second Cap grabs onto the missile, rips open a panel to the guidance system and takes a grenade from his belt and tosses in in the Nazi missile. In an instant, an explosion lights the skies of Iceland. Captain America had been confirmed to have died in the explosion. His fiance back home Gail Richards is given Cap's last letter. Cap....Steve tells his love he is sorry and goodbye. For many years afterward all believe Cap to be dead, but this hero will eventually rise from their grave. Mount Everest, 2002: As a young Tony Stark gazes into the mountain ranges, he sees hope and encouragement in Stark International. He waxes philosophic to Happy Hogan and shows he knows more about the company than some might think. He then sets up a meeting in Manhattan, New York...9:15 sharp.

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