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TKO Presents: Tales of Terror Comic

TKO Presents: Tales of Terror
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    TKO Presents: Tales of Terror 2021

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TKO Studios presents a collection of nine bone-chilling and blood-curdling shorts by modern comic masters. A soldier faces a horror worse than death in the trenches. A space pioneer faces the hell of a false Eden of her own creation. A little boy''s insomnia that haunts his entire life. Featuring stories by ... Liana Kangas, Joe Corallo, Paul Azaceta (SEEDS OF EDEN) Sebastian Girner, Baldemar Rivas (THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS) Steve Foxe, Lisandro Estherren (NIGHT TRAIN) Rob Pilkington, Kit Mills (DAME FROM THE DARK) Alex Paknadel, Jen Hickman (HAND ME DOWN) Erick C. Freitas, Jelena Đorđević (KILLIAMSBURG) Kelly Williams (RIVER OF SIN) Alex Paknadel, Ian MacEwan (ROOFSTOMPERS) Michael Moreci, Jesús Hervás (THE WALK)

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