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Warren Ellis' Angel Stomp Future Comic

Warren Ellis' Angel Stomp Future
  • Other Names

    Angel Stomp Future, Warren Ellis' Angel Stomp Future 2004

  • Author(s)

    Warren Ellis

  • Status


  • Genres

    Crime - Sci-Fi

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Ellis describes the creation of Angel Stomp Future, "I love the science fiction pulps. Always have. I own dozens of sf pulps from the 30s, and books of their covers. The sf pulps still survive today, in the shape of monthly digest-size magazines. But they don't have the true spark of madness in their covers, and rarely in their content. You could look at those old covers and see people opening up the throttle and just letting rip, getting as crazy as possible, just for the hell of it, just for the art and the sound of it. Ryp is the spiritual heir of those early sf pulp artists -- working at the upper limit of imagination and endurance, filling every inch of his pages with exquisitely-illuminated insanity and producing it at almost impossible speeds. Me and Ryp, making some noise. Angel Stomp Future now". In a weird cyberpunk reality, Dr. Angel Antimony observes a decadent society filled with extreme body modification, hi-tech gadgetry and advertising.

List of issues

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