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X-Men '92 Vol. 1: The World Is A Vampire Comic

X-Men '92 Vol. 1: The World Is A Vampire
X-Men '92 Vol. 1: The World Is A Vampire Average 3.06/5 - out of 4 total votes.


Collects X-Men '92 (2016) #1-5. The X-Men of a more extreme decade are back in highly animated adventures! With Cassandra Nova defeated, all the young mutants she'd rounded up are being welcomed into the officially reopened Xavier School for Gifted Children. But a crowded class schedule still allows plenty of time for extracurricular antics! Especially when Omega Red shows up with the (Formerly) Soviet Super-Soldiers! But for every ending, there must be a beginning: Prepare for the terror of Alpha Red! Plus: The machinations of the Fenris Twins, the danger of the Darkhold and…Dracula?! And, in a very special celebration of one of comics' greatest love stories, Scott Summers and Jean Grey share a romantic getaway to remember! Start humming the theme song and dive back in to the world of X-MEN '92 — it's totally Nineties, but so now!

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